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The official Sidi order website, now on The Ebon Hawk!!

The Sidi order

    The Sidi Order is open to all races or classes, who have the boldness to dare, and discipline to achieve. To be a Sidi, is to live at all times in a state of "Directed Passion". A Sidi summons their beliefs and their emotions to empower themselves. and those around them. They guide this tremendous power with an iron will and a tremendously disciplined mind, to achieve the absolute maximum of their endeavors.

We are not restrictive to the people who join! Nearly anyone can join, and be a high-ranking Sidi member. We also will give you training, if you choose to accept it, to be better at the field that you've chosen. We will take anyone from an Imperial spy, to a Smuggler, to a Demolitions expert.

The Sidi Code

There is no peace, without passion
Without Passion, there is no Serenity
Without Serenity, there is no Knowledge
Without Knowledge, there is no Strength
Without Strength, there is no Victory
Without Victory, there is no Death
Without Death, We are broken
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Master Sabaac
Hey folks if you can try to donate to the EMU on the emu forum they are not requiring it but its the holidyas and I think we can try to help them tony pays for the stuff by himself most times
Master Sabaac
If you have never done it before go to the roster and look at the names of the medals you have earned
Master Sabaac
Crap If you need somethin let us know. Get better
Was in the hospital. Am home now.
Master Sabaac
Xan you ok havent seen you
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